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Barroco Infantil

The International Contest Barroco Infantil makes a reality the challenge of the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre to create a Baroque Theatre able to engage and delight the family audiences and especially the children thanks to an accessible language and a widely creative vision.

Strongly encouraged by the reactions of the younger children fascinated by what is happening on stage throughout the five editions of the Contest, the Festival continues to support this initiative that offers a space to professional companies to bring family audiences closer to Classical Theatre.

A jury composed of three renowned professionals from different areas of the theatre industry and three children from Almagro, is the one in charge to decide on the best piece in each edition. The youngest members of this jury have the opportunity to live a stimulating experience and learn how to be a critical audience. In fact, they must reflect and give their opinion on the shows before the rest of the members of this mixed jury. This is the first initiative of this kind in Spain to give voice to the young theatre audiences.

The winning piece every year is the one in charge of closing down the family programme of the Teatro Municipal with two extra performances.