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Patio de Fúcares

The courtyard of the Palace of the Függer family (Fúcares in Spanish) is the living testimony to the economic splendor of Almagro during the reign of the Emperor Charles V. Around the sober and elegant Renaissance courtyard stands the imposing building of the former Függer Warehouse; Also commonly called the Universidad Popular by the inhabitants of Almagro since this educational institution has been housed here since 1984.

The construction of this palace began probably after 1525, when the Emperor Charles V leased the mercury mines of Almadén to the Függers, a rich mercantile family of German origin. Thus, Jacob Függer decided to build a new palace in Almagro and use it as an office and warehouse.

Looking at the severe brick and stonework façade of the vast building, it is hard to imagine the Renaissance beauty of its interior. The courtyard has a square plan with Tuscan limestone columns that serve as support to the semicircular arches, made in brick. All around there are several rooms located on all sides of the courtyard, which served as storage chambers. The imposing staircase that grows on one side to access the rooms on the second floor, also leads to a mysterious private garden; moreover it is covered by whitewashed vaults and decorated with vegetal elements.

Since 2000 the Patio de Fúcares has become an incomparable setting for numerous Festival productions. This cozy open air space is perfectly suitable for small-scale pieces thanks to its multidisciplinary stage and to a seating layout that can accommodate up to 100 spectators. Since 2015 this venue has hosted After Classics, the Festival programme of late night shows, starting at 1 AM, conceived for audiences who dare to stay up late at night with the classics.

Everything is possible in the starry night of Almagro and even more when the temperatures fall and the sky embraces you.