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Iglesia San Agustín

The Church of San Agustín is used as one of the main exhibition halls during the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre.

The building has been declared Cultural Interest Site since 1993 and it is considered as the Baroque masterpiece of the province of Ciudad Real. Its construction took several years and dates back to the end of the seventeenth century or the beginning of the eighteenth century, and it has been completed in 1709.

The Church of San Agustín is located in the Calle Mayor, a narrow street adjacent to the Plaza Mayor. The Church belonged to the intricate architectural complex of the Convent of the Augustinian Recoletos monks, founded by the Figueroa family. At present, only the church and some annexes are preserved of the former convent building.

In its interior, the plant of Jesuit tradition consists of a single hall nave, built in four sections, with barrel vaults with double traverse arches. The lateral naves are built over two floors, forming on the ground floor the side chapels and on the upper floor the tribunes. The chevet of the church is flat, with the alcove attached as an independent piece inside the church, accessible by a rambling staircase.

One of the most important elements is the mural decoration with tempera frescoes that covers almost completely the church, and that together with the altarpieces, sculptures and canvases, create a warm baroque atmosphere throughout the space; A beautiful polychrome set that reflects a theatrical world in which the scenography used to envelope and educate the spectator.

Today, its use as an exhibition space during the Festival that allows us to rediscover one of the most emblematic buildings of the Spanish Baroque while enjoying outstanding exhibitions such as Escenificando a Cervantes (Staging Cervantes) organized by the National Theatre Museum on the occasion of the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, or Arquitectura sueños: Colección de maquetas y teatrines del Museo Nacional del Teatro (Dreams Architecture: Collection of mock-ups and miniature theatres of the National Theatre Museum) or Una vuelta al mundo de la linterna mágica, ( A world tour of the magic lantern) among many other exhibitions.

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