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Pradillo de San Blas

The Pradillo de San Blas is located by the facade of the well-known Church of San Blas, in earlier times known as ermita del Salvador. During the first half of the XVI century Jacobo Függer decides to rebuild it in order to express gratitude to Carlos V for the benefits he received, who as a payment for his banking services, leases him the Maestrazgos de las Órdenes Militares and grants him the exploitation of the mercury mines of Almadén. Belonging to the Függer family we can notice the brackets decorated with the family heraldic emblems and the latin inscription of the facade:

“To the greatest saviour, how much is there and even what is it to wait, outside and inside this chapel, Jacobo Függer and his brothers sons dedicate as testimony of piety and religion, I give, donate and dedicate”. 

Since 2005, the Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Almagro, has been using this space to organize meetings and street theatre.

Activities in this venue