Corral de Comedias


July 16th 2020, 21:00 h.

Theater Company

La Escalera de Tijera (Extremadura)


60 minutes




Free entry with invitation (until complete capacity)

A scenic proposal of theater, clown and circus links the destiny of Calisto and Melibea.

In a kind of acrobatics, juggling and body expression, La Escalera de Tijera weaves one of the great classics of Spanish literature to the rhythm of comedy.

The inequality of classes, personified in the corrupted loyalty of the servants, a Celestina alcahueta who uses the misfortune and suffering of the masters to enrich herself … Thus betraying the human being in his desire for power and money, a fact that continues as valid as in the troubled XV century society.

A “tragiclownmic” show that shows the high and low emotions of human beings in line with the music that mark the hearts of their characters.

Artistic-technical sheet

Costume design
Iluminada Martín

Gustavo González

Juan Carlos Rey

La Escalera de Tijera


Roberto Calle

Lola Sánchez

Javier Rosado

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