Palacio de los Oviedo


July 22nd 2020, 22:45 h.

Theater Company

CRIT Companyia de Teatre (Comunidad Valenciana)


70 minutes




19€, 20€, 26€ and 29€
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Ausiàs March is dead. He certainly died centuries ago, but… did he die entirely? Why are some streets called Ausiàs March? Why do schools, institutes, foundations and so many other things bear his name? What does all of this mean? Is it possible that a writer’s life continues if his or her work transcends, if it converts into a classic, if the author himself becomes a symbol? And what do the symbols signify for the people?

We present a thriller-shaped show based on a police enquiry, in which we will investigate the reasons for a murder and search for the culprit. We will travel to the Valencia of the 15th century and to the Valencia of today, highlighting it with songs and live music and through the memory that pursues through time. We will meet Ausiàs March of the XV century and the one that endures today. We will be excited to present you a show of this day and age to celebrate the work of one of the best poets in history.

Artistic-technical sheet

Los Reyes del Mambo

Costume design
Tonuca Belloch

Víctor Antón

Panchi Vivo

Executive Production
Josep Valero and María José Casero

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Direction assistant
María José Mora

Movement direction
María José Soler

Vicente A. Jiménez

Poster design
Aitana Carrasco

Diodo Media


Núria Martín

Panchi Vivó

Rebeca Izquierdo

Daniel Tormo

Anna Marí

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