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Online July 16th – 22nd 2020

Theater Company

Abrojo Teatro (Argentina)


50 minutes



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20€ pack five shows
Recommended age from 5 years
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After our marvellous past experience with Desengaños Amorosos, under the same circumstances (Almagro´s Festival opening weekend at the Corral de Comedias), Estival Producciones is back with Lope y sus Doroteas. This ironic piece of work, conceived by Ignacio Amestoy, with Lope de Vega (“monster of nature”) as his main caracter, shows how men of all kind and age are always vulnerable before love. Lope, the Phoenix of Wits, was vulnerable when he went crazy at his early sixteen for Elena Osorio, as well as his youngest and dearest daughter Antonia Clara, seduced by a certain Tenorio. In the play, Lope, who drives us through his affairs with a great sense of humor, at the same time that he writes La Dorotea, suffers once again the comings and goings of the playful, mischief-maker and cruel Cupido.

Artistic-technical sheet

Sceneography and Costume design
Abrojo Teatro

Gustavo Centurión
Germán Cantero

Abrojo Teatro

Verse advisor
Natalia Gregorio
Gustavo di Sarro

Video Scene
Abrojo Teatro

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Puppet design and production
Alejandro Bustos, Natalia Gregorio

Gustavo di Sarro

Abrojo Teatro


Daniel Tur


Alfredo Rizo

Intérprete / Títeres y luces

Natalia Carrot

Títeres y luces

Alejandro Bustos

Interpreter and drawings in sand

Natalia Gregorio

Títeres y luces

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