Antigua Universidad Renacentista (AUREA)


July 19th 2020, 13:00 h.

Theater Company

Coro Generalitat Valenciana and Harmonia del Parnàs (Comunidad Valenciana)


80 minutes




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This proposal offers a significant sample of the music that was playing in the times when the Portuguese Fernando (Hernando) de Magallanes, under the financing of the Spanish Crown, made the first tour of the world “Expedition of Magallanes and El Cano”, being his journey the first circumnavigation to Earth in history, a journey that sought to break through the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and that began in 1519 and in 1520 would mark a great milestone in history for managing to cross for the first time the Strait of Magellan, thus opening the first route from East to West to the South Sea. Of the five ships, only one would manage to return to its point of origin, although that would do so with its load of spices, ending the ambitious trip on September 6, 1522.

The musical proposal includes works that sounded for those years in a habitual way in the peninsula, songs that came from the popular tradition and were elaborated in polyphonic compositions by the great masters and later collected by songbooks such as the Palace Songbook or the Duke’s Songbook. Calabria (or Uppsala) among others, and are pieces that contain a great poetic charge. Pieces by such representative authors as Juan del Encina (1468-1529) or Juan Vázquez (1500-1563) have been chosen, along with a host of anonymous pieces, with love and heartbreak as the driving force behind the proposal, which takes as Juan Vázquez’s song title “Who loves has, how does he sleep? Everyone sleeps as they can … “

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