Palacio de los Oviedo


July 20th 2020, 21:00 h.




Free entry with invitation

Any compliment we can make about Paco Leal (Murcia, 1957) will be an understatement. He receives this tribute in recognition of his 25 years career managing the technical teams at the Festival. That in La Mancha, a municipality with less than 10.000 inhabitants, takes place the best Golden Age Festival in the world is an absolute miracle. All this is possible thanks to the technical team work behind the scene, to adapt the spaces and preserve the buildings.

All the companies, coming from Spain and the world, always leave Almagro appreciating an unforgettable experience that cannot be lived anywhere else. So they appreciate a tremendously welcoming experience coming from the municipality and the team, but also appreciating the excellence of the technical support.

The level of efficiency, rapidity, response, and deliver in Almagro is the result of the technical team labor, with Paco on its head during the last quarter of century. Paco is Almagro, he is a fundamental part of the Festival’s history and we believe that he deserves this and all of our recognitions, for this reason he receives this tribute in this edition.

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