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De naipes y fulleros

Based on the universe of Cervantes Don Quijote_Dramaturgia y dirección: Beatriz Naranjo, Carmen Villaverde y Javier Calzado

De naipes y fulleros

The essence of the Golden Age, the picaresque, the quixotic and the devout combine in De naipes y fulleros to stage a play full of classicism and characters with much identity.

A game where the public will be included, the senses will constantly be on the alert and the surprises will follow one another, until they reach their final height.

De naipes y fulleros is for this reason a new and exciting proposal. A walk that evokes the figure of the Don Quijote and a challenge for the spectators and actors, where the imagination will be a fundamental part to spread the one thing only theatre can create: magic.   

Corral de Comedias
  • July, the 14th and the 21st at 13:00h
  • Teatralizadas Corral de Comedias de Almagro
  • Castilla-La Mancha
  • Running time: 50 min.
  • Price: 5€
  • Con la colaboración del Ayuntamiento de Almagro
Accesible para inválidos Accesible para sordos Espectáculo accesible

Creative and production team

Stage design and music Beatriz Naranjo, Carmen Villaverde y Javier Calzado
Costume design Luisa Chaves y Satur González
Production Ayuntamiento de Almagro


Burguillos Javier Calzado
Pascualilla Beatriz Naranjo
Alfonsina Carmen Villaverde
Voice off Fernando Fernán Gómez

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