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Cervantes, poeta

A partir de los versos de La Galatea y El Quijote de Cervantes_ Dirección Ángel Corpa

CERVANTES, POET is a collection of 12 songs created from the verses that Cervantes wrote in La Galatea y El Quijote and see the light in a discographic format thanks to cultural impulse realized by the Council of Culture of the Communities in Castilla La Mancha and the Town Council of Barajas de Melo. 

While navigating in the cervantine literary universe I found out the poet that shines wonderfully in La Galatea, delicious pastoral novel full of loving intrigues, which the majority is written with clean verses, varied metrics, a clear sonority and a language full of precision, comparable only to the one of an expert surgeon whose scalpel is able to dissect and separate the fabric with minute precision. 

So, the Cervantes poet knows how to detach and isolate everyone and each one of the different feelings and sensations that shape what we know as Love, to make it more comprehensive and human. 

Corral de Comedias
  • July, the 27th at 01:00h (early morning from Saturday the 27th to Sunday the 28th)
  • Music
  • Ángel Corpa
  • Castilla-La Mancha
  • Price: 15€
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Programación musical

Creative and production team

Música Ángel Corpa
Piano y teclados Héctor Pérez
Violoncello Miriam Olmedilla
Guitarras acústica, española y eléctrica Álvaro Girón
Bajo Manolo Morilla
Batería Manolo Salado
Percusiones Agustín Henke
Coro cuatralbo Jorge G. Tomé, Paco Cardona y José Manuel Seda
Con la colaboración de la Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha 

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