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El rey de sí mismo

Sobre Ruiz de Alarcón_ Raúl H.Lira_Dirección Juan Francisco Hernández Ramos

El rey de sí mismo

Historical comedy fiction about Don Juan Ruiz de Alarcón y Mendoza. To begin with, as old representations used to start, apologizing for what you will read or witness. It is not fake modesty, is the author's honesty who feels powerless to not be able to include in a dramatic play everything concernig Juan Ruiz de Alarcón. This is a superficial aproximation, too much perhaps, about who was this important author from Taxco, first world mexican, the playwright that knew exactly where to stand using his intelligence, talent and humanity as the best writers of the spanish Golden Age did, though not without bitterness, prejudices and cruelties in a Spain collapsing as an empire, but at the same time fulfilling the world like a dying supernova.

This dramatic work wants to get closer to Juan Ruiz humanity and his context, in plain language, in modern spanish, without the beauty of the verse and reminds of the comedy of intrigues, all this by using an elementary historical bibliography, without the intent of an actual biography of Juan Ruiz, the author of the text used historic licence to narrate this story. The Juan Ruiz that lives in these pages is a character more in the comedy. It is a joyful exercise to celebrate the life of an extraordinary man without claiming it as an erudite and strict essay about the life and work of this universal mexican, born American and Spanish for survival. I apologize for the troubles this text may cause you.

Raúl H. Lira

Corral de Comedias
  • July, the 7th at 22:45h
  • Colectivo Teatral de Guerrero
  • Mexico
  • Price: 20€, 26€ y 29€
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Creative and production team

Diseño de vestuario Brisa Alonso
Diseño de combate escénico Víctor Roldán
Cuarteto de la CNTC Fénix Novohispano:
Violín I África Santiago
Viola Verónica Peralta
Violoncello Carlos Pablo Velarde Paredes
Violín II César Granados Hernández
Difusión y marketing cultural Dafne Cedillo Solares
Coordinación artística Daniela Pérez Acosta
Producción ejecutiva Miguel Alonso
Asistente de producción Eliú Pérez Landín
Coordinación administrativa Elvira Abarca
Producción Fénix Novohispano


Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Ángel Lara
Don Ramiro Núñez de Guzmán / Duque de Medina de las Torres Guzmán / Pícaro / Don Diego de Bobadilla, comisario del Tribunal del santo Oficio Miguel Alonso
Tristán, gracioso / Pregón Eduardo Flores
Letrado / Alguacil 1 / Don Gaspar de Guzmán Conde Duque de Olivares / Alguacil 2 Wlises Mendoza
Pedro de la Rosa / Don Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas Pedro Adame
La Marroquina/ Corchete Alehelí Ábrego
Juana de Villalba, Actriz / Doña Ana de Cervantes Daniela Pérez Acosta
Corchete/ Clérigo Víctor Roldán

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