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El vuelo de Clavileño

Miguel de Cervantes _ Versión y adaptación Irina Kouberskaya y Eduardo Pérez de Carrera_ Dirección Irina Kouberskaya

© Ramón Zabala Photography

In the Tribueñe Theatre, Irina Kouberskaya creates a a theatrical version of the XXXVI chapter of the "The Ingenious Gentleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha" by Miguel de Cervantes. "El Vuelo de Clavileño".

It is not a respectful visit to the writer's legacy, but the desir to resurrect the freshness of his talente, taking part in the whirl of his imagination and elevate the spectator towards the comprenhension and interpretation of Cervantes world. 

The evident necessity of the chivalrous spirit in a lethargic, unconscious society with decadent values inspired "El Vuelo de Clavileño"; fight the shadow with astonishment. Everything new rises from the contact with the essential: in this way a surprising vision on the literary work provides a triple theatrical revelation of the reality, the subjectivity and the fantasy. It emerges the necessity of the human being to pen his vision to polyhedric realities. Amigo Sancho, has de saber que yo nací por querer del cielo, en esta nuestra edad del hierro para resucitar en ella la del oro”.

Irony and humour are two evident aspects, which Cervantes insistently looks for in his work.

In the play "El vuelo de Clavileño" the amusement goes together with the trascendental, the farce contains subtles meanings, the serious does not avoid the joke, the insolence goes along with purity and the comedy makes evident  the incredible dimension of the human being; each of them is a cler Cervantine vector. The theatrical game provides multiple elements to think about, to achieve different reactions. This comedy or farce or audacious entertainment won't let anyone indifferent. A fantasy to see and profound to reflect on.    


Corral de Comedias
  • July, from the 26th to the 28th at 22:45h 
  • Tribueñe
  • Madrid
  • Running time: 80 min
  • Price: 20€, 26€ y 29€
Accesible para inválidos Accesible para sordos Espectáculo accesible
Estreno absoluto

Creative and production team

Stage Design Eduardo Pérez de Carrera
Lighting Eduardo Cortés y Miguel Pérez-Muñoz
Costume design Taller La niña pintá
Coreography Irina Kouberskaya
Production Tribuñe S.L.


Don Quijote Miguel Pérez-Muñoz
Sancho Panza José Luis Sanz
Duque Zalo Calero
Duquesa Virginia Hernández
Marquesa Trifaldi Mª Luisa García Budí
Dama 1 Matilde Juárez/ Ana Peiró
Dama 2 Ana Moreno
Eclesiástico Juan Sanz
Intérprete Estela Medina

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