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Don Quijote de Dublín

A partir de la obra de Cervantes_ Versión y dirección Denis Rafter

Don Quijote de Dublín
© Foto Vicente

The central character of the play is an Irish storyteller who maintains the interest and complicity of the audience through the traditional art of the Seanachi, central figure in the rich patrimony of the oral literature of Ireland. He recounts the story and adventures of a Dubliner who lived in a certain village in Ireland, the name of which he never wants to forget.

The history of this man begins in his adolescence, when he becomes obsessed with books and films about fantastic adventures concerning the eternal struggle between good and evil. But one book in particular attracts his attention, a book written by Miguel de Cervantes, which tells the incredible story of a Spanish nobleman, Don Quijote of La Mancha; an errant knight who sets out to bring back the moral standards and values of the past.

So, bordering on insanity, he decides to follow the example of Don Quijote by defending the vulnerable and bringing justice, kindness and love to all. And the Seanachi's story, based on the original of Cervantes takes us on a journey of adventure and encounters.

Denis Rafter


Teatro Municipal
  • 23-24 julio a las 20:00h
  • Denis Rafter
  • Dublin
  • Running time: 75 min.
  • Price: 20€, 26€ y 29€
Accesible para inválidos
Estreno absoluto

Creative and production team

Iluminación Juanjo Llorens
Asesora de Verso  Pepa Pedroche
Vestuario Jane Rafter
Prensa Cultproject



Denis Rafter

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