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El banquete

Based on texts of various authors_ Version Álvaro Tato_ Selección de textos y dirección Helena Pimenta y Catherine Marnas

If every character is the reflection of our collective imaginary, the classics may be the ones that best represent it; outside the pass of time, each time younger in us, the classics keep on living because they give us a voice. Listen to that voice, that living herency, and giving it to other people with fidelity and commitment, is our responsability and our vocation. 

Only few times we have the opportunity to protect our profession in a direct and free way as we do in El Banquete, enjoying together with the spectators, taking on the vertigo of the closeness; which better company for this jump with no net. A theatrical adventure that, we hope, leads us to the centre of our imagination, where the classics live.  

Patio de Fúcares
  • July, from the 16th to the 21st at 22:45 h
  • Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico
  • Madrid
  • Running time: 80 min.
  • Price: 20€
Accesible para inválidos

Creative and production team

Verse advisor Pepa Pedroche
Coreography Nuria Castejón
Music Madame Miniature /
Miguel Magdalena
Lighting Enrique Chueca
Wardrobe Carlos Calvo /
Mónica Teijeiro
Stage design Carlos Calvo
Production CNTC


Lola Baldrich
Rafa Castejón
Víctor Sainz
Jesús Castejón
Aleix Melé
Manuela Velasco
David Soto Giganto

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