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Julieta & Ofelia; suicidas de toda la vida

Shakespeare _ Versión Julio Rojas_ Dirección Aarón Lobato

Julieta & Ofelia; suicidas de toda la vida

Ophelia and Juliet have committed suicide on stage more than a million times. Our heroines awake in a morgue, or limbo, where they share the details of their dishonor, long reproaches and suicidal fantasies. Time and space have been suspended for them: they return to talk with their loved ones and their unloved ones, comment on the news as two seasoned celebrities, immerse themselves in traumas, unrealized memories and wishes, and question their status as women, victims or survivors of their own history, written by man.

As women who have survived more than four hundred years of suicide, as suicides who love life too much, as suicidal suicide victims, they never die.


  • 16 julio a las 20:00h
  • Los Bárbaros Artes Escénicas
  • Madrid
  • Running time: 75 min.
  • Price: 12€
Accesible para inválidos
Almagro Off

Creative and production team

Stage Design Pecado de Hybris
Lighting Diego Domínguez
Costume design Felype de Lima
Music Pecado de Hybris
Coreography Chevi Muraday
Production Los Bárbaros Artes Escénicas & Losdedae S.L.
Director’s assistant Pablo M. Bravo


Ofelia Aarón Lobato
Julieta Julio Rojas
Voz en off Ana Wagener

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