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Acércate a Cervantes

Four centuries of analysis, studies and digressions, have caused the tight letter of Cervantes, scrawled with simplicity and haste in the inns to capture stories, characters, ideas and verses imagined who knows whether in Naples, Sevilla or Seville- has ended up becoming an enormous and colossal letter. How to approach Cervantes? work if when looking at it, it appears to us so infinite and this scares us?

In order to get closer to the Cervantes? letter, it should be returned to its natural dimension, to the human size. This has been the goal of the Foundation: to climb over the word of Cervantes till we can all see it at our height; and approach his work not only to read it, but also to see its colours, listen to its rhythm, or appreciate the images it inspires, through artistic disciplines such as photography, illustration, rap music, urban art or video-art. Through all these artistic languages, the voice of Cervantes ? and this is truly enormous - is able to revive our present that is actually what the Classics do.