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Ensayando un clásico

It is an international initiative launched by the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre Foundation to promote the artistic training of all the fields of theatre creation - directors, playwrights, scenographers, costume, sound and lighting designers.
All these professionals are gathered together around stage projects of classical texts with the aim of promoting and rousing the artistic quality of their proposals.

Since it has been established in 2011, the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre Foundation has been committed with the work of young theatre directors. With the initiative Ensayando un clásico, the Foundation makes a reality its intention of increasing its support to the rest of new theatre creators focusing on the need of offering an open, but at the same time, solid look at artistic projects, accompanied by experts from each one of the theatre professions. There are few opportunities to learn how to develop the ideas that generate a dramatic proposal in order to prepare a dossier. A dossier must contain the essential information about a specific project, awake emotions and allow the understanding of the proposal without having to see it in execution. This is actually the main goal of Ensayando un clásico.