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Contemporary art can generate both symbolic and utilitarian proposals that seek to converse with our social, political and cultural environment, intervening in some occasions in the public space or in places other than commercial galleries, museums or exhibition halls. This dialogue becomes more complex, but also more stimulating, when it is raised in small towns away from established art scene or when it is assimilated within other fields of culture. This time both scenarios coincide: the town of Almagro and the International Festival of Classical Theatre.


Five acclaimed artists set their sights on the Spanish Golden Age through diverse artistic languages as holography, art of action, installation or sculpture, and - taking the baroque dialectic between truth and deception as a starting point - they propose a critic dialogue with several of its main authors and themes.  And they do so in such disparate spaces as the Pradillo de Valdeparaíso,  the Almacén de los Fúcares, the Church of San Blas, the Contemporary Art Space or the Old Renaissance University, AUREA.


These are unique interventions, different from the theatrical productions of the Festival, on the margin or in addition to them, apart. But as the Apartes (asides) in classical theatre, these art pieces will speak directly to the audience, seeking their complicity to engage them in an emotional and reflective dialogue from the perspective of the visual arts.


Jorge Díez