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Video-Art Contest Dulcinea

In order to highlight the different points of view that exist today about women and their role in society, the Foundation launched an international video-art contest around the Quixote’s character of Dulcinea.

The contest consisted in sending a piece of video-art on the figure of Dulcinea, thought as unattainable woman from multiple perspectives; Either as a loving ideal that drives to action, as in the case of Don Quixote; or as the stereotype of the perfect woman to which society has always plunged us trough the different epochs and to which we strive to adapt ourselves physically and mentally.

The exhibition Dulcinea, la mujer inalcanzable. Miradas sobre una mujer en Cervantes (Dulcinea, the unattainable woman. Looks on a woman in Cervantes) held in the National Theatre Museum during the 39th edition of the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre welcomed almost 3,000 visitors, which could enjoy the winning video-art creations and other 26 proposals selected as finalists.

Likewise, through our YouTube channel, we reached more 8,000 views of the finalist pieces.

All in all, a total of 120 participating artists from 6 different countries accepted the challenge to face the work of Cervantes from a present-day perspective.
The same exhibition that could be enjoyed in Almagro will travel this year to different national and international cultural centres.

In collaboration with

Cooperación española Festival Internacional de teatro de Manizales