After four centuries of analysis, the tight handwriting of Cervantes, capturing stories, characters, ideas and verses, has ended up becoming an enormous and gigantic sign. So, how to approach to It without being overwhelmed?

For this reason, it is necessary to return his handwriting to its natural dimension, reducing it to human size. This was the objective of the Foundation with ‘Acércate a Cervantes’ project in 2016, the commemoration year of 4th Centenary Cervantes death. From the Foundation we did it through artistic disciplines such as photography, illustration, music, urban art or video creation. Through these languages, Cervantes’s voice achieved (and achieves) reactivating the present, which is what the classics do.


Cervantes in the urban art

2016 _ Approach to Cervantes

Videocreation Dulcinea

2016 _ Approach to Cervantes

‘Cervantes a voces’

2016 _ Approach to Cervantes

‘Recortando a Cervantes’

2016 _ Approach to Cervantes

Cervantes in rap

2016 _ Approach to Cervantes

Other Projects

‘Voces para Sor Juana’


‘Berenjenas con queso’

2018 – 2019

40th Anniversary


‘Ensayando un clásico’

2014 – 2016