2018 – 2019

It is an appointment around the Baroque theater heritage, in Spanish language. With this event, -which is held twice per edition-, It is created a space for social gathering about the humorous poetry of the Golden Age. Festival manifestations, full of sharpness, that also bring us gastronomic pleasures from the city of Almagro: aubergine and cheese from La Mancha. During this event is the recognition of ‘The aubergine of silver’, an initiative born from ‘Indicación Geográfica Protegida de la Berenjena de Almagro’ Association and the Theater Festival, with the main objective of link these two elements, famous in Spain and worldwide. The Festival wants to reward figures of cultural and public life, among others, who have done an important work for Almagro. With this recognition they accept the mission of becoming ambassadors of the Festival, the aubergine and Almagro Festival´s name worldwide.


‘Berenjenas con queso’

2019 _ ‘Berenjenas con queso’

‘Berenjenas con queso’

2018 _ ‘Berenjenas con queso’

Other projects

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2014 – 2016