Calle San Agustín, 21, 13270 Almagro


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Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 14 h. and 18 to 21 h.
Sunday, 11 to 14 h.

The Almagro Contemporary Art Space was inaugurated in 2015 with the objective of bringing together contemporary artistic expressions and traditions in Almagro. This art space is situated in the Hospital of San Juan de Dios, building that was part of the convent of the Order of San Juan de Dios.

The building comprised a hospital and a convent, attended by the lay sisters of San Francisco, religious order, which experienced an important development during the 17th and 18th centuries. In the year 1775 the complex has been remodeled taking the appearance it has nowadays.

Since 1993, the part of the building formerly occupied by the convent, has become the summer home and the stage venue of the National Company of Classical Theatre of Spain during the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre.

The former church and the hospital are now hosting the Almagro Contemporary Art Space that is distributed between two adjacent open vaulted rooms, the Sala Hospital and the Sala Iglesia, both measuring 8m high and 6m wide.

The Almagro Contemporary Art Space’s house has more than 60 works of art from its own collection and from private funds. Renowned artists like Alberto García Alix, Carlos Correira, Enrique Marty, José María Guijarro or Tomi Osuna, among others exhibited their works here.

In the Almagro Contemporary Art Space, the Festival in collaboration with other institutions, held temporary exhibitions of international relevance such as ‘Prague Quadrennial: Spanish Pavilion. ‘Transit through the Spanish Stenography’ in 2015, or the photo exhibition ‘Miguel de Cervantes or the desire to live’, by Jose Manuel Navia in 2016.

Activities programmed in this venue

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