Calle Billar, 4, 13270 Almagro


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Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday, 10 to 14 h. and 18 to 21 h.
Sunday, 11 to 14 h.

The Museo Municipal del Encaje y Blonda, in the Plaza Mayor, emerges as a public recognition of an artisan work rooted in Almagro and some of the Campo de Calatrava´s municipalities.

In the 19th century, Almagro became the reference point of the national lace (blonda in Spanish). The blonda is the finest and most delicate part of the ‘encaje de bolillos’, and is made with silk threads. The museum offers a historical walk through the different techniques of encaje de bolillos, one great tradition in Almagro. An artisanal tradition that has been transferred from mothers to daughters along the years. Veils, abanicos or handkerchiefs, among others, are made with drawings of flowers or animals. Lace with silk, linen, wool or cotton threads. A very selected sample for all tastes. The famous Mantillas de Almagro, from the 19th century till nowdays. To complete the sample, another museum’s area is dedicated to the utensils used in work process.

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