Calle Marqués de las Hormazas, 9, 13270 Almagro

In the sixteenth century, families of merchants, stockbreeders, and landowners, who contributed to the economic development of the town, settled in Almagro. This development is visible in the construction of different palaces and manor houses, such as the Oviedo’s Palace. Only the façade of the old building remains, and its interior, which for years was home to the summer cinema, will open as a stage in the month of July.

In 2018 Palacio de los Oviedo had the absolute premiere of Fray Luis de León, a selection of texts directed and performed by Emilio Gutiérrez Caba. Theater, music and dance show the best of our Golden Age, every night of July, under the the stars.

Activities programmed in this venue

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Oviedo’s Palace

Calle Marqués de las Hormazas, 9, 13270 Almagro