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The Palace of Valdeparaíso, now owned by the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real, hosts each summer the home of the Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre and is a thriving centre of activities around the Classical Theatre throughout the Festival.

This palace has become property of the first Count of Valdeparaíso, Don Juan Francisco Gaona and Portocarrero, since 1705, although it existed already in 1699 (year that appears on the façade). The Count, and also Minister of Finance of Fernando VI, restored the building in the 18th century, with the luxury and splendor appropriate to his noble status.

The most interesting part of the building is its baroque façade, flanked by two square towers and covered by four-story roofs in the style of Madrid’s palaces.
The Palace, imitating the great mansions of the court, has a back wooden gallery with stone columns that overlooks the garden, where the annex rooms for agricultural labor were located. These galleries have now been converted into accommodation for those attending the cultural events of the Palace.

Since its restoration in 1992, the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real has destined the Palace of Valdeparaíso to educational and academic purposes in order to boost the cultural, social and economic life of the municipality of Almagro. Every year, several thousand students and numerous academics of national and international prestige, come to the Congress Center of the Palace.

The space has modern, well-equipped meeting facilities such as conference rooms, a projection room, meeting spaces as well as a Main Conference Hall that can seat up to 160 people.

During the Festival, there have been held significant activities within its walls such as press conferences, the International Meetings of Theatre Managers, the International Theatre Bloggers’ Meetings, the National Critics’ Meetings and the Almagro Classical Theatre Conferences. Furthermore, this space has been used for master-classes with international artists and for numerous workshops ranging from children theatre, dance and verse among others.

Activities programmed in this venue

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