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The Almagro´s Silo was built in 1968 as a grain storage space. At the end of the 70s it remained in disuse and, in 2017, it was rehabilitated as a center for cultural activities, reserving some of its rooms for local youth population´s use. The building´s interior has a large diaphanous room of 500 square meters, in addition to rehearsal rooms and other multipurpose spaces, while the exterior has a permanent stage for concerts and various outdoor activities.

The facade of the Silo was decorated with a Antonio Laguna´s large mural made on the occasion of the 40th edition of the Almagro Festival. Specifically, there are four large-format murals painted on each of the four faces of the Silo, where are reflected fundamental moments of the creation and development of the Festival, as well as images of personalities linked to the event.

One of the faces is starring Miguel Narros, playwriter who directed the Spanish Theater between 1967 and 1971 and who performed on stage the first representation of the Corral de Comedias new era, with the play ‘El rufián Castrucho’, reflected in the mural. Another of the facades is dedicated to Francisco Nieva, one of the most famous custome and set designers, and a reference in his field after his first works with Adolfo Marsillach. The muralist space is complemented with a conceptual composition of Marsillach and, finally, the fourth Silo´s face is dedicated to Cervantes and Lope de Vega, accompanied by César Oliva´s scenographies, first director of the Festival, and recreations of great custome designers such as Pedro Moreno.

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