Calle San Agustín, 20, 13270 Almagro


926 861 361

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 to 14 h. and 18 to 21 h.
Sunday, 11 to 14 h.

The Teatro Municipal of Almagro -formerly known as Teatro Principal- is a welcoming and beautiful old style theatre placed in a neoclassical 19th century building. It is an unique experience for the audience of the Festival to enjoy the Classics within the walls of this Italian style- theatre.

Since it has been established in 1865, it became the hub of Almagro cultural life, and it was here where plays, zarzuelas, musical concerts and even the first movies were shown to amazed novice cinema audiences. During the first half of the 20th century it was used as a cinema theatre but in the late 1960s it was left apart in sadly poor conditions. In the framework of the ‘Programme of Rehabilitation of Spanish Theatres of the 19thcentury’, the architect Miguel Fisac started the works of restoration in 1988 carrying out refurbishments and improvements that concluded in 2006. The Teatro Municipal has become since then, one of the most beloved and emblematic venue of the Festival.

Its romantic façade is organized in two floors, and has no correspondence in height with the interior structural design. The horseshoe-shaped stalls that can seat up to 244 spectators and they are placed on a structure of three floors. The galleries on the first floor are accessible from lateral staircases that lead to a hall located above the foyer, while on the second floor the audience is distributed in a grandstand, from which you can see the paintings of the ceiling -not original- representing the Muses of the Performing Arts: Thalia, the goddess of Comedy; Melpomene, goddess of Tragedy; Terpsichore, goddess of Dance and Music and Polyhymnia, goddess of Lyric Poetry.
The Teatro Municipal is a wonderful space to bring the international audience of all ages closer to the Classics.

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